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Firstly, I would like to say that I've been riding on and off for 10 years but I must say up until know I have been purely a Honda flyer (CM400 CB750 VFR750 CBR1100XX). I've been out of it for a couple of years but when the CBR1000RR came online I decided it was time to get back into it.

When I had the XX, I remember thinking "there's no way they'll ever be anything faster than this." The only problem was, it was so heavy it just took the fun out of driving around. Enter the liter bikes... and although I initially got "pulled back in" with the allure of the CBR1000RR - a bike in a new class that promised power and flickability, this site was one of the first I investigated as I wanted to make an informed choice about my next bike purchase.

This and other (more objective) sites lead me to the Suzuki. After looking at the numbers I decided I should just go back to a 750 class, since it was lighter and more powerful than my all-time fav VFR750, a bike I once drove 17 hours on to see a rather cool chick I knew (from Mississippi to S.Dakota). Anyway, to make a long story as long as possible... I stumbled upon a 2003 GSXR1000 and my [email protected] vice my brains took over and I bought it. It had 650 mi or so... now has 1500. It was painted Mica Blue (solid) - I did the stickers (various sources) - I'm into personalizing my stuff. Just put 300 miles on it driving from N.C. to V.A. in 30 deg weather this week. I was sliding everywhere but I still had a blast...

No mods yet. Now, i've modded every one of my vehicles/bikes but... are you kidding me? This will be the fastest thing I ever own. Talk about "twist and piss" (and I fly jets for a living....) This bike needs few if any mods. Maybe in a year or two (or three) when I REALLY get used to it... maybe exhaust for noise (read: bolt on) only. (Having said that, a TRE mod is in a box in my garage - those damn [email protected] again...)

Anyway, thanks for the already great advice and/or discussions... promise to be a contributer - I'm a GSXR convert 4 life. Here's some pics - I know everyone likes them - no beautiful (but educated) women in a bikini sitting on the bike yet - still a little cold in N.C.....


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