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I thought I would start by saying this isn't going to be another HID thread as I'm not interested in buying HIDs and there seems to be enough threads on here about HID to kill you.

I'm looking to repalce the OEM bulb on my bike for one of the 50% / 80% brighter direct replacement bulbs you can get. I replaced the bulbs in my car with Philips Power 2 Night bulbs about a year ago and they were much better than the stock bulbs and although they are only 3500K in colour, they have a nice crisp light to them.

Question 1: Can I just buy regular H7 55W bulbs, or do they have to be motorbike specific?

Question 2: If anyone else is running a different bulb, what are you using and what Kelvin is it, and how to you rate the light output over the OEM bulb?

I was quite tempted by the Philips X-Treme Power as it's available in both 80% and 100% brighter formats, but the colour is 2500K which is still a bit yellow. The Philips Blue Vision are 4000K which is a nice colour, but they are only rated at 30% extra light.
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