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After my rec/ret failing and she could have been well goosed for weeks/months (as she was still putting out?? dc current) and as pointed out by members on my rec thread that they have been known to take out other electrical systems on our bikes with one gent mentioning even an ECU, I picked up one of these lads from Ebay and a week + in and she is working grand and it also gives me a bit of peace of mind especially with an aftermarket rec/reg unit in her now.

Its basically does the same as you can do with a multi meter or the like of these lads pictured below , to check battery condition when ignition is off and the charging system when she is running.

This bit of kit however is always connected to the battery and she comes with a long insulated harness with a built in fuse and a micro chip in the head. she can be fitted anywhere near in the cockpit, ~I just cable tied my one until I get around to drill a small 6mm hole to fit her, the head plastic piece comes off and on so it can be installed this way if it suits. I ran the wire with the trotter cables and through the cable housing, and soldered 2 spades before I connected the wires the the battery.
I notice when I turn the key she goes from green to red and green again as soon as the engine is running. The instructions say she has the 3 colours and different blinking speeds to let you know the charging, reg/rec etc is preforming.

She works like the other unit above using a traffic light system to let you know in real time that everything is all good or not and when she is parked up and the ignition is off she blinks every few seconds to state the battery condition.
Pics below of the unit from ebay and from my K6. I would defo recommend her, its peace of mind if she does the job. Gamma Tronix is the make, but there is probably a heap of different kits around.

On My K6 Pics

On A Duke, Small 6-8?mm hole drilled for installation, the black top can come off and on again for installation like this

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