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Guess where...

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My yearly November trip. Took this road. Truck, bike and I. Went too... Here's a hint from last year... KillBoy was there.

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looks like Fontana Dam, i'm guessing you were in western NC(Tha Gap), I bet you had fun..:cheers
It was very cool. Porsche club was there.
I learned alot from a few veterans there.
My 2nd time at The Gap.
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Actually I think it's Callderwood dam.
I KNEW THAT WAS IT!:biggrin I'm in the middle part of NC (foothills kinda) and i've only been to the gap and fontana area twice, but i def. recognized that dam, i need to go up there pics:cheers
SRAD 7 5 0 said:
Actually I think it's Callderwood dam.
ye you're probably right, like i said i've only been to that area twice so you probably know better than me, when i go to mountain twisties, I go to Boone/Blowing Rock area(my gf lives there so thats more reason to go) but its f*ckin COLD up there right now, I was there about a week ago and froze my ass off, I sent ya some rep for the cool pics BTW
It was def cold in the AM. Lunch and after was great. Tks for the reps!
Well atleast i get a sample of what it looks like. My cousin wants me to go next year with him.

How long have you been riding? This summer was my first, and i didnt get to ride much, and i'm just worried about not being able to keep up with the crowd. Or maybe i'm just making it sounds worse then it is???
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Check this video out. We made it from last years trip.

Don't worry about keeping up. Just ride your own pace and it will all flow ok. HUGE TIP: Keep your head up, eyes even with the horizon and do your best to look through the turn to where you intent to go. Don't bother with worrying about what's directly in front of you. It holds you back and creates mistakes when your's worrying.

My times and confidence have dropped and soared by knowing where I'm going.

Thanks for the advice SRAD! I really wanna go cus it would be a hell of a lot better then the roads around here, but i was nervous. Thanks for the confidence.

PS thanks for the reputation! I'd add some to yours but it said i have to spread some around before giving it???? I still dont understand this stuff lol
yep its rather chilly in the am's, you can tell it was cold that morn by the frost/dew on top of the trees in that first pic
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