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Gday from the land of oz. I have a question which your readers might be able to help me with ,I own a 89 750 RR which I am thinking of selling, how rare are these bikes in the US, I know suzuki australia only brought 50 into oz and 38 were road regestered.I have kept mine for the past six years inside my house with the occasional sunday exersize to keep it in tip top order. looking at this bike you would not beleive it is 11 years old , how much would something like this get on the US market.


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Know a guy that sold his RR for $10,000 5 months ago. It was Mint, he kept it in storage, sealed in one of those plastic bags.

Did not take long on the market before some one grabed it.

Hope it helps..



<LI>1988 GSX-R 750
<LI>Degred Cams, Weisco 2mm over sized
<LI>Transmission full undercut
<LI>Vesura Fiber plates, Heavy duty springs
<LI>Hindle Supersport Exhaust High Sweep
<LI>93 Inverted forks, 95 6 pistion calipers
<LI>Russell Steel Brake lines
<LI>Wheels 93 GSXR1100
<LI>1999 GSXR600 SRAD Upper,headlight,and lower
<LI>RGV Race Tailsection
<LI>Dyna 2000 Ignition, 3ohm coils,8mm wires
<LI>98 Superhawk hand controls, custom gauges
<LI>Dyno Jet Stage 3, with Dual Air Filters
<LI>520 conversion, with EK ERV2 Gold X-Ring Chain
<LI>Custom Paint, Custom Seat
<LI>Polished Frame, Engine Covers, and Swingarm
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