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@GSXRPORTUGAL L8 1000R (race + street build)

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Hi guys, just bought my 2018 GSX-R 1000R and I am starting to order parts to mount. Right now, I am between 2 exhausts and I would like to ask for you opinion about it. My options right now are:
  • Akraprovic Evolution Full ti
  • Spark Full ti + Konix ti muffler
This Spark exhaust is similar with Brock's I know. I am not considering other exhausts, however if you have precious information about what others have better than these, feel free to share.

I will post the list of mods I want to do soon, stay tuned!
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It’s been proved that sparks system puts out more horsepower with all other mods being equal. It has to do with how the headers are mated together. 1/4 and 2/3 vs akrapovic’s 1/2 and 3/4
Thanks for replying.
I already noticed that, however I am not sure if Spark has that configuration in both SS and TI. I have to make sure the only thing it changes is the material.
They are identical in material. I inquired about the same thing prior to purchasing mine and they confirmed everything was identical and the only thing that changed was the material. I got mine from velox racing. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic I believe almost every business in Europe is closed.
Thats good news for me, thanks for the info!
Yeah, with this pandemic I really don't know how long will they take to deliver. However, Portugal is way closer than the US, let's see what they answer.
the spark will make more power everywhere
Thanks for for the info!
I think I will go with the Spark exhaust. Nobody has them here in Portugal but I will give it a shot. They said that the could deliver in 2 weeks, let's see how it goes with this virus situation.
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Hope you guys are all ok, just to keep you updated, ordered my Spark full ti system, hell yeah!!
Now I feel pumped to put everything together!!
What air filter would you recommend? Sprint P08??

I also ordered:
- Lightech tail tidy

- Lightech crash pads (Silver)

- Stand Spools (silver)

- Progrip tank pad (white)
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Thanks for the info! I am thinking about Sprint so I think I just have to decide between P08 or the F1. I used to do the maintenance every 3000 miles so I guess I could keep the filter in excellent conditions. I must admit the F1 is a bit pricey,do you guys feel it's worth the difference?
Here's the first ride with the machine, it is in Portuguese sorry about that!
Why have the light of abs on?
Actually I thought it was de IMU but then the light turned off..
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MODS done:
  • Lightech crash pads (silver caps)
  • Lightech plate support
  • R&G radiator cover (black)
  • Seat cover (ebay one, still thinking about the OEM one)
  • Progrip tank pad
  • Suzuki SXR 1000 L6 rear mudguard with home made adapters (inspired by concept wizard)
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Hello guys!! Finally with the Spark full ti exhaust!!
What do you think??

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Hey man. Looks really good. What's the build quality like? Sound nice?
The quality is incredible, very good indeed!!
Well, the sound is loud but it brings dbkiller, it might be a good idea for longer trips..
Please can you post the pics of your adapters for the rear mudguard?
Today I will post the photos of the prototype. ;)
Are your rear indicators pointing down instead of back, Why?
They are pointing back.. maybe the angle of the photo is tricking your eyes
Please can you post the pics of your adapters for the rear mudguard?
Here you have the parts I had to replicate at home mate.

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Just a quick update of my gorgeous blue pipes.I am loving it without the dbkiller, lot of pops!!

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Hello all, long time no see..
Updated mods list (Jan2023)
  • Seat cowl
  • Lightech crash pads (silver caps)
  • Lightech plate support
  • Lightech bar ends
  • R&G radiator cover (black)
  • GBracing engine covers
  • Valtermoto fuel cap
  • CNC chain adjusters
  • Carbon fiber frame cover
  • Carbon fiber swingarm cover
Performance mods
  • BMC race air filter
  • Spark Konix Ti full exhaust
  • Venturisystems velocity stacks
  • Brembo RCS19 Corsacorta
  • ZCOO EX Ceramic pads
  • Motul RBF660
  • Lightweight rear rotor
  • Lightech rearsets
  • Renthal ultralight sprocket kit + DID chain
  • Ohlins steering damper
  • Carbon fiber ram airs
  • Skyrich Lithium battery
  • WRS light smoke windscreen
Besides the streetmode, now I also have a race mode.
Wheel Tire Cloud Sky Fuel tank
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