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@GSXRPORTUGAL L8 1000R (race + street build)

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Hi guys, just bought my 2018 GSX-R 1000R and I am starting to order parts to mount. Right now, I am between 2 exhausts and I would like to ask for you opinion about it. My options right now are:
  • Akraprovic Evolution Full ti
  • Spark Full ti + Konix ti muffler
This Spark exhaust is similar with Brock's I know. I am not considering other exhausts, however if you have precious information about what others have better than these, feel free to share.

I will post the list of mods I want to do soon, stay tuned!
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1 - 1 of 37 Posts Sprint air Filter P08 F1-85 Suzuki GSXR 1000 2017-2020: Automotive This is the filter I have for mine. It has as much flow as the 16 but is waterproof and has better filtration.
I personally am staying away from anything that is not a paper filter for a bike ridden mostly on the street. My buddies L7 with 13K miles was absolutely filthy. I would say 70% covered with grim on the side that takes air in. on the engine side clean. These filters can not clean as well as OEM paper ones and for what may be 1 to 2 hp gain it's not worth it if you plan on keeping the machine for any length of time. Keep the paper filter save your money and change it often IMHO.
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