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Hi all,

just acquired a GSXR750WR 1994, there is a very small bulb located bottom and centre of the two main lamps, anyone know what this is for, is it a MOT requirement for it to work as the main lamps are fine on hi and low beam.

Unable to get to that bulb - see attached picture so you can see the small bulb that i am referring too. Note that the bike is fully assembled, picture just a reference to the bulb
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. Hope and any help or ideas are appreciated.

Thanks Gary

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There's a bulb like that on the K1/K2 1000, but only on the UK/EU versions. It's a position/running light. I haven't the foggiest about whether the MOT expects it. But the fact that it's on some but not others suggests that there's a requirement. Historically those bulbs are short lived and hard to get to. Consider replacing it with an equivalent LED.

Try to find a service manual. There should be wiring diagrams for the various versions that should offer some insight.

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One great thing about ZL is that they offer a variety of beam profiles from, 1) as floody as possible, 2) very floody, and 3) floody but with some throw. The model I linked has some throw which you will want at 30MPH. Armytek offers one beam profile that's in the very floody category. The Armyteks employ a very diffuse TIR that is similar to the ZL models with a frosted lens. IMO, you don't want that at 30MPH.

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