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Hi guys.
I have a 2008 suzuki gsxr600 k8.
I am currently experiencing some problems with acceleration.
My bike usually tops up to 16,000 rpm.
However, its been some weeks that it does not reach its maximum.
It reaches only 6000 rpm or 8000 rpm.
Occasionally, it may reach 14000 to 15000 but very rarely. It mostly stucks on 8000 rpm.

I have checked and clean the fuel pump, cleaned the injectors and used injector cleaner.

Battery was checked and stator as well, works perfectly.
Does NOT seem an electrical problem.

No error code appears on the speedometer.

Bike is still the same. Even today, it stucked nearly on 5000 rpm.

Might it be the throttle sensor giving that troubleshoot?

Anyone having experienced the same?
Any ideas please??


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Perform the fuel volume delivery test. Here's an example of that test from a 2005 600:
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