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Hi All,

Rebuilt a GSXR250 (1988, GJ72) over the past few months and she's all licensed and back on the road (yay) but am having some issues with getting her started.

When I bought her, she had been sitting for a few years and was pretty clagged up. The carbs were full of gunk and I stripped, cleaned, re-jetted and re-assembled them. I also replaced the head gasket and performed all the usual things you do on an old bike that has been idle for a long time.

Long story short - its all going BUT it refuses to start from cold. Choke is working, fuel is flowing, there is fuel in the bowls, spark is strong, plugs, leads and coils are new. The idle and mixture screws are set, the carbs have been balanced and there are no flat spots, surges, pops or bangs once it goes. Its just the initial start! I have to use a significant squirt of aerostart in the airbox first up just to get it to keep going once it catches with the first or second crank. Once its going and is up to operating temp its just fine. I can even park it for an hour or two and it will start up without a problem. HOWEVER if I leave it over night or for a long period it WILL NOT start without an aerostart injection. I AM AT MY WITS END!

If ANYONE knows ANYTHING about this problem/has encountered it before/knows what causes it/knows how to fix it then PLEASE tell me! I really need to resolve this as its spoiling the enjoyment of what is an extremely fun machine to ride.
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