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Any advice on carb and Air filter mods for a 1990 GSXR1100 with a Yoshimura Duplex 4 into 1 exhaust system. The bike has just been rebuilt after 25 years off the road. Fitted with standard original airbox and genuine Suzuki filter. Main jets are 122.5. Pilot jets are 40. Needle clips are in the middle and air/fuel mixture screws was 2 turns out. Doesn't run right and apparently never did. Any thoughts, suggestions gratefully recieved..
Cheers Richard.


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I'd look for a "Factory" brand jet kit for the stock carbs. I suspect they are still available. I don't remember the jet sizes in the kit, perhaps you can find that info online if you can't find the kit.

I had that kit with your exact setup on my 89 GSXR1100 and it worked well, but they may have recommended duplex filters instead of the stock airbox and filter. You may need to put in a less restrictive aftermarket filter, or lean out your carb settings alittle.

BTW, that paint scheme in the USA was an 89, did someone switch them on your 90?
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