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Yep the old coil question, and Yep I have done the old thread search and have found lots of great information.
So saying all that I have come up with the following and wanted to run it past the great minds here before parting with the $$$.
I have one of these so I might as well use it and buy another.


The options are Copper core or Carbon core - Quoted on a motorcycle forum 80's XS.
"I use silicone leads with carbon fibre cores, in conjunction with Dyna coils and iridium plugs. The silicone leads are much more flexible than usual metal cored ones and I think carbon fibre has less resistance than copper? Also, they don;t suffer from the ends getting corroded and cracking etc. Mine have been on for at least 6 months with no problems at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. I noticed an instant difference in running when I fitted the above."
Kingsborne 7mm Mag-Wire Wound Wire WSP 1306.

Kingsborne 7mm Mag-Wire Wound Wire Silicone outer jacket.

Mag-Wire Wound Wire
For use on all cars and trucks equipped with high energy ignition systems
Premium, top of the line ignition wire, Mag-Wire is manufactured with a stainless
nickel alloy wire, wound 32 times per inch around a conductive laxtex coated
heavy fiberglass core. This conductor meets Original Equipment R.F.I.
(Radio Frequency Interference) requirements while operating at one
tenth the resistance of conventional "Carbon Core" conductor.
Wire resistance 500 ohms per foot
Wire colors available Black, Blue, Red
Our Price:$39.25

for 25feet.
Kingsborne 7mm Mag-Wire Wound Wire WSP 1306
So plan is
2 x Dyna miniature coils 3ohm
7mm carbon core Kingsborne ignition wire
Standard caps the screw in to the wires... will the screw in to carbon core the same as copper core?
That i do not know.
Sound like a plan?

Mounting similar to.... found on a post here... great idea!




Likes to race old junk.
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The carbon core is not carbon fibre…they also break down quickly and require frequent replacement.
Solid core (copper mix) do not work well with electronic ignition and other sensitive electronics.
Spiral core (copper mix) although more expensive, are your best bet. Stick with a quality brand...MSD etc.

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Common replacement is Taylor leads (kit) and swag straight up to the coil plugs that come with the dyna coils.
Doubt any hi performance aftermarket suppliers actually use screw in fittings the core is just for suppression etc then the HT wire is wound around it.

DR google ???

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Well that threw my idea out the window.

Taylor leads... I have read the ZZR coils fit the standard mounts for the early GSXR's - and you are able to change the ignition wires and use the standard spark plug caps.
Anyone done this? Unlike the Suzuki jobs that the clips break the ZZR jobs have screw in fitting that allow wire change.
So in theory you only need to change the wires.

But the cost of the original coils is the same as new after market coils and wires for the GSXR11, (made in china no doubt) so I might as well do a proper job.
Dyna coils, and Taylor leads with spark plug caps already on the leads.. correct.

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I have decided to use the original coil and plugs - just replace the ignition wire.
Used a heat gun to soften the plastic clips and out cam the wire.
Need to find ignition wire now...


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