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GSXR Wiring Harness Issues?

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I have a k7 gsxr 600. So one day im riding and my bike randomly cuts off. Apparently my ecu was fried so I got a new one, bike turned over once and worked, but wouldnt turn back on after it was turned off. Now, the bike wont completely turn over and my fuel pump isnt priming. Me and my buddy have used our multimeter and circuit tester everywhere and the bike seems fine. Anybody have any idea of where to go from here? I replaced my battery and rectifier after the wires were fucked (for the r/r). My dash doesnt come on either, seems completely dead but I get the indicator lights, hi and low beam dont work either. Ive done all I can think, I dont want to take it to a shop but im out of options lol.

Could my issue be the entire wiring harness? Is that common? I cant find a single thread where someone has had my issues.
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If the fuel pump isn't working, then it's only going to fire briefly as it burns the starting fluid...
Do you have a service manual?
You've been given sound advice above, but it's dependent on you, following a logical sequence in your troubleshooting.
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