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Hi all,

New to this forum, this is my first post. I've recently acquired a crash damaged gsxr 750 wp. The bike is in very good condition apart from the front end. Obvious damage is to the left disk brake and the steering stem, which is bent at the top where the steering stem nut attaches to the thread.

I need to either get a new bottom yoke or a steering stem that i can press into my existing yoke so that I can then go on and check alignment.

Trouble is I am having real difficulty finding a yoke. I understand from some research that various other suzi models have the same diameter holes for the suspension but I am assuming they have differing spacing between the forks, differing sized steering stems and differing offsets.

Can anyone help by either selling me a yoke or recommending a yoke off a different model that will work.

Thanks in anticipation.
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