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Gsxr 750 won't start

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Hello Members,

I own a 2009 Gsxr 750. while riding on the track, rear wheel lost traction and I started sliding along with bike. fell on the right side and at the end of the road, the vehicle flipped maybe twice. both the handles were broken. I was able to fix most of the vehicle.

Issue: when I turn on the keys, odometer comes up, fuel pump primes, bike in neutral... vehicle won't start.

Thought it would be TOS, bypassed with a 10 ohm resistor.
Thought it would be starter solenoid and replaced it with a new one. still won't start.
replaced the clutch switch. No luck.
tried to short the starter switch and still no luck.

when I tried to short the starter solenoid, the vehicle starts.

The mode switch and the kill switch works perfectly fine.

Could someone please help what could the issue be?

Thanks in advance.
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you're going to have to go over all your wiring, specially around the crashed areas, systematically test for breaks, shorts and grounds.. examine with eyes first it may be visible with rash what not or a break, if your clips broke off there is a strong possibility some wiring got fubared, maybe just pins got pulled out of socket? gotta go over it, systematically..

service manual should walk you through it in the troubleshooting section
I looked at the kill switch wires but not others. I will look at the clutch switch wires, starter relays, stand switch and head lights. anything else I am missing.

All the fuses looked fine to me.
I tracked down the wires from start switch to the relay and to the battery. The solenoid is not getting the ground.

So I bypassed it with connecting the solenoid ground to the battery ground and the vehicle starts... Well that is the alternative solution.

What else I might be missing here to fix it how it is supposed to be?

Thank you @TwistedMister I did secure the connections and now its time to put all the plastic together. Adios :)
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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