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Hi everyone,

I've picked up my first gsxr and first 1000 about six months ago, I didn't have much chance to ride it over the winter and because of lockdown have not been out as much as I would like, so have only put about 1500 miles down so far.

However, I have recently noticed what seems like a reasonably big power drop, I'm mechanically minded but am not a mechanic.

I noticed the power drop after putting a can on the bike, original headers. My original thought was the clutch slipping, however I put the stock exhaust back on and found the servo for the exup/set valve is not working, and opening it up found the teeth on the gears are ground off, most likely something I did by accident when changing exhausts. But I'm wondering if it could be clutch slip, exup/set valve or even just bad battery.

To describe the power loss, before, like a good gsxr it was very easy to power wheelie, however it now struggles to lift, it also used to hit about 95mph in first (this may be slightly wrong but is what I could see on the dash on a hard pull) now it's getting just below 90mph. It also seems to have taken some of the OH FUUUU, out of the acceleration.

I have adjusted the clutch and charged the battery as much as possible and have the original exhaust back on and the exup/set has been pinned out. Any ideas? Should I just do a clutch and battery and just hope for the best? Or is there anything else I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance
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