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I’m new to the forum so haven’t been able to dig too deep into the whole subject on the radiator fan not turning on. I saw some info about the fan turning on after or at 220F. Let the bike get up to 220F and some change, fan never turned on. Fan spins freely, so it’s not stuck. Fuse is in really good condition, no junk or gunk in or around it. Tested the connection to the fan by unplugging the harness from it and applying a positive and negative wire from a spare battery to the prongs and the fan will turn on and spin. So I’m assuming it’s the connector from the harness that’s not doing it’s job. Are there any other possibilities I should be aware of? Are there any demo vids on how to wire a manual switch? Any info helps. Thanks in advance.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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