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Morning All,

Yesterday I collected the beast after a 340 mile round trip she is back home and safely locked up in the garage until my next few days off...

I haven’t gone through the bike thoroughly just yet so here’s what I know so far.

Headlight is an aftermarket round one with built in indicators but no sidelights? So I have indicators, full beam and dipped.

Horn doesn’t work
Rear wheel is stiff to move, possibly brake calliper.
Clutch, throttle, front brake cables and headlight and dash wiring is badly routed at the front, gets trapped by the triple tree when moving left and right.
The clutch cable hasn’t been routed at all it goes from the lever around the outside of the bike just hanging there to the clutch.
The brake lines are rubbing on the front mudguard which has caused some damage.

Tank has some paint coming off the top front mudguard has some damage but other than that the body work is in fairly good condition .

No side panels or nose cone as it’s been streetfighterd however the previous owner did sort me out with the nose cone fairing bracket and the original headlight.

Starts and runs great, nice titanium scorpion exhaust down to the link pipe then I believe standard headers.

All electrics work as they should it has a data tool alarm on it and brand new rear tire.

New wavy discs.

Wheels look in fairly decent condition just need a good clean.

Haven’t checked out the chain and sprockets just yet.

So I have two plans for the bike. Could anyone answer the question as to whether renthal bars and raisers would rub against the nose cone or cause any clearing issues if I was make it fully faired again? I’ve seen some bikes that manage to just have enough clearance to run renthals with the full nosecone and side fairing?

If not then it will remain a streetfighter. I wanna change all the bearings, wheels, headstock, swing arms etc. Give the shock a clean up and see how it is.

I want to change the standard radiator to a shiny black one and put a rad guard on it.

Remove the pillion foot rests.

New tank and maybe get the black/white colour scheme for the back end fairing.

Then the big question is what to do with the front end ... any suggestions welcome.

This is as far as I’ve gotten with my list so far il keep you all updated.


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