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Hi Guys,
I have been riding my GSR 600 , the naked bike version of the sportier one.
Since about a week my Rear Bake paddle just dosent want to move down (its like something is holding it after a few mm of movement)

I did this yesterday,
I drained the reservoir, and the Master Cylinder. and one I removed the outflow linking pipe to the ABS distributor the Paddle moved smoothy and completely .
Its as if the output pipe was blocked.
I tried bleeding the systems by refilling the Reservior with fresh DOT 4 Brembo fluid.. but nothing was flowing, the rear pipe was bone dry (the brake feeder pipe as well the bleeding plug) - so my Brake Cylinder was not revieving an pressure at all.

I then released about half a turn on the master cylinder output pipe .. and on pressing the brake lever it squirted oil.

I think the problem lies now between the output pipe from the master cylinder and the ABS distributor.

any suggestion what I should be looking for ?

Thank you.
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