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Got my bike back yesterday..its been in 2 differant shops and has been there for 18 shop for a year the other for 6 months....just for a head and carb problem...if you live in a remote area or island like me it sucks....cost me $2,600 to get it from not running to running like shit. Had to pay the first shop $700 bucks or not get it back...and it was not running....took it straight to another shop and they got it running for $1400 plus the $500 second hand head I got online. When I got it back it was missing screws and all kinds of stuff...between the 2 shops alot got lost...they gave me a bag with hoses and other stuff in it.
It runs...but misses and had exhaust leak at head.
Im happy as horse shit that its back but pissed all the same....I got the bike for free in pieces but cost just as much to fix as get another online running. So one question for now....on the head cover there is a nipple for a hose...and there is another nipple for a hose on the airbox.....but no hoses on either one....any ideas where they go? If pics needed I will post....92 gsxr 750. Im gonna have alot of questions becouse there is no outlet here for me to get help from...except you guys....Im gonna pull it all apart and take I can get help in putting it back right...I got 3 extra hoses in the nuts and bolts
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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