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Everyone's impressed how fast I'm healing & recovering. The Orthopods are trying to figure out why I'm not in pain and why a "older" patient's bones are healing so quickly. I bumped into the ICU nurse I had after my ortho appt. It blew her mind that I was walking around with no pain and seemingly very healthy.

I'm just happy to be breathing.

A buddy bought me a new Busa...seen below next to my pins...

and my xrays...

And my Left wrist before they took a pliers and simply pulled the pins out...and it didn't hurt.

here's the rest of the images from today at the end of the album

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Looks like your healing pretty good! Glad to hear! I got the same kind of response when I tore my Bicep tendon in March. When the Doctor was looking at me he told me that it was a common injury amongst "older" people (he was also younger than me) I was still riding agian a month before the doctor told me I'd be able to.

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re: pins

Great to see you coming along.

I had the same experience when they pulled the pins on my finger this Spring. The doc (younger than me) got these big pliers out. I was expecting him to put a foot up on the table to leverage them out from all the bone grown around them. Instead, one fell out and the other came out with zero effort. No pain or feeling at all.

It was bizzare.
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