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got a dealer quote today

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i plan to get a new k6 600 in blue and white so i went online to get a quote. a saleperson had called me. i wanted to get the price and other fees just so i could get a total cost estimate. he told me $10,000 total price all tax and fees included and waranty. he told me there was a freight charge, assembly fee, tire and battery fee, and some kind of paper processing fee. what fees should i expect to get hit with? would i be better of financing with my own bank or through suzuki? this was a central florida dealership. do they do a end of year clearance or regular sale like the car dealerships do?
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Well depending on where you are in the country on a 06 right now you should not be paying 10 otd. I payed 9200 otd for my 07 600 in phoenix where we can ride all year long. all the fees they tell you don't really matter to much. Mainly its the stealership trying to get as much as possible fom you.
way to much for a k6. alout of those fees are b.s. the tire tax is legit but should be like 6 bucks. I paid 9300 otd for my k6 750. so in my opinoin thats way to much for a k6 600. just my 2 cents
don't do suzuki 99 dollar credit card thing, you will get screwed, i got my k6 blue/white 600 Out The Door for 9k last april... if you want it, i will sell it way less than 10k... pm me or send me an e-mail [email protected]
too much, don't buy it. Even if you can ride all year round. If the dealership is not to far go and talk to them in person. My personal opinion would be $8500 out the door, if he's gonna throw in an extended warranty, how many years is the warranty?
MonkeyStomach said:
don't do suzuki 99 dollar credit card thing, you will get screwed

Ditto the other guys - you should be able to ditch the prep fee and shipping. Now you are at the price of the bike (msrp) you should be able to get 10% off without too much work. I heard the dealer makes about 18% - With an MSRP of 8900 is $7298 - not sure how accurate that is. Keep in mind they do have to pay the sales guy and keep the lights on. I would start the negotiations at 7000 with no freight and no assembly. an easy settle should be around 7.7k without add tax and reg - you are probably looking at about 8400 OTD. that saves you $1600 which will help with insurance and goodies. Personally I think you can do better that 7.7 this time of year, but it might take a few weeks.

keep in mind that some dealers receive a volume bonus - I have heard the local Yamaha dealer gets bikes $500 below invoice because of their volume.

If they throw the "we'd go out of business with a price like that" line respond with - "thanks for being honest with me, I can't have you going out of business. Here is my number, call me if you change your mind". give your home phone. You should have a phone call waiting for you when you get home. Keep your composure, don't be afraid to walk out, just be nice and leave your contact info.
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10k for a 06 600!!!!!!!!!! HOLLLLY CRRAAAP!! that is INSANE!! i paid $8995 OTD for my 06 750 2 months ago.. you should DEFFINETLY be able to find a 06 600 for MUCH cheaper then that OTD.. and that was $8995 w/ all the b.s. fees included..
in may i paid 82 otd on a 06 600. and i financed it with my own bank before i went so i knew what i was dealing with first. most banks will give you a hard limit before you go.
i paid 8300 out the door in february...i highly recommend ars power sports out of okeechobee, fl. they only charge 100 bucks over what they pay...nice people.
hell I would sell you my 05 1000 for $9,900.
You should be able to get a 06 now for at least 9k / under. keep looking, tell them what u want to pay and tell them take it or leave it. Try to find a saleman that will work with u, thats what I had to do.
You should not pay that for a K6 600. Got mine for 8300 otd with extended warranty.
sell ya my 750/talor pipe ,solid black for 8k .take your time there are better prices than you are getting there.
Do NOT pay that for an 06. That's rediculous. Call somewhere else.

I've found that if you take up lots of their time they'll give you a better deal. Spend the afternoon asking him questions , sitting on the bike, talking about the warranty, everything you can think of. Then come back another day and do it all over again, this time bring a down payment. If he's invested 4+ hours of his time with you, and you say you're gonna walk - he'll be willing to deal.
I paid $13,000 CAD for mine OTD. Which was a REALLY good deal when I got it. This included a 3 year extended warranty, all other fees, taxes, the works. Even got it delivered to my house 100km away.
I got an '06 750 for 10K flat from Central Florida Powersports in Kissimmee
i think the quote he gave me was for the blue and white 07. wich he todl me was only be $100 more than if i got a '06 that was in stock wich they only had a silver and the other color he wasnt sure. he told me he only had 2 '06 600's in stock. i was thinking since its an 06 and the 07's are out the prices would drop real low on the bikes. i understand that there would be fees but i didnt think the price of the bike would be $100 less than that of an '07. should i expect an end of year sale or clearance? or end of the month rush to sell? i read the fine print on the $99 a nonth finance offer and i am not going for that at all. im not worried about the interest rate much since im going to pay the biek off as soon as i sell this house. i think the assembly fee and freight fee is stupid. thats just a business expense. ive worked in shops so i knwo about tire and battery fees, i baught a car and i know about tax tag and title fees. i just didnt trust the guy that called he didnt even realy let me talk just wanted to rush me to the dealership. its liek a block away and i wouldnt mind going but i hate pushy salesmen lus i had told him from the start i was planning to buy in december and that i just wanted a full cost estimate.
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He's giving you the shaft man.. don't pay that. Get the dealers competing.
debwing said:
i paid 8300 out the door in february...i highly recommend ars power sports out of okeechobee, fl. they only charge 100 bucks over what they pay...nice people.
Sure they werent just telling you that to make you feel like you got a great deal? im sure they made way more than $100 ;)
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