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For years I've been using Tinypic to host the pictures that are displayed in my posts here. For roughly the last 18 months, the posts where I'd imbedded a pic wouldn't work, though I could still post a link to the pic on the Tinypic site. I was going to upload a picture today and got the following:

TinyPic is shutting down in 2019
TinyPic is shutting down its image hosting service because we can no longer support a free service that derives 100% of its revenue from ever declining on-site ad revenues.
While you may continue to host images from our site until further notice, we encourage you to consider selecting one of the premium plans offered by our sister site, Photobucket.
Thanks for using TinyPic for your hosting needs over the years. We apologize that we can no longer continue providing this service, but Photobucket is a great option going forward.

So that's it for Tinypic. I've recently been experimenting with and, at least for now, it's the preferred option.

P.S. I'm wondering it the words "free service that derives 100% of its revenue from ever declining on-site ad revenues" may have broader implications. I've recently become aware that has shut down and was considering the same. I rarely used either but every once in a while they would have something relevant to my K6 1000. Something similar seems to have happened to
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