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Never ridden on a track really want to learn how to ride well. Does anyone know of a good beginner track in AZ?

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Arizona Motorsports Park in Glendale

Inde Motorsport Ranch in Wilcox (I believe this one is a members one track though)

I'm not sure where in AZ you are, but Arroyo Seco is across the border in NM, Las Vegas Motor Speedway just outside of LV

Can't always expect a track i going to be right in your backyard....often times you need to drive a little out into the middle of nowhere since tracks are loud and generally need to be placed away from heavily populated areas. If you just Google search "Arizona Motorcycle trackdays" I'm sure you'll get alot more info on it, including local trackday organizations who actually put on the events as you can't just show up to a racetrack and say, "hey I'd like to ride today." :D
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