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I've read quite a few past posts about how you must drop the engine to remove an intact airbox. Just wanted to let 88/89 750 owners know this isn't true! Does take alot of work though.

Heres what you do:

Remove carbs

Remove right carb to engine rubber manifold (Stripping the bolts is near inevitable / busting the rubber) - i now have to replace that manifold

Use enough force to get the bottom 'hump' of the airbox onto the alternator

Jiggle, slide, preform voodoo magic to slide it out to the right. Note the plastic extension to which you connect your oil blowby tube will contact oil line (This added 5 minutes to my time as i didn't realize this was stuck). It took me an hour (and i had the carbs removed already). If i had to do it again it would take me about 5 minutes.

So now the questions...

The PO had some A/F ratio thing installed.. ok... but he also made some other odd modifications to the airbox.
1) he had 3 seemingly random screws put in (See pictures)

2) it looked like he put a hole in the bottom of the airbox... near the input from the oil blowby line.... or is this stock ?



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That hole used to be a nipple, then a hose ran from the nipple to the right side of the engine where it was sort of capped off. Its an oil drain hose. Not sure what the other 3 screws are for, maybe he had hoses running in through those holes and then plugged em off with screws when he was done with them.
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