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I’m getting to the point where it’s time to upgrade/replace the stock chain and sprockets on my bike (2016). Gonna go -1 in front and +2 rear with 520 chain. I also run a 190/55r17 rear tire. I know changing from stock gearing as well as tire size will affect actual speed and mileage vs indicated speed and mileage. I’d like to add the Heal-tech speedo healer to accurately have correct display of actual speed and mileage on the bike’s speedo and odo. From what I have seen and read the speedo healer connects between the GPS and the ECU. Here’s where it gets tricky. I have quite a few upgrades on the bike now already installed. The Bazzaz Zfi+tc and the Bazzaz Z-bomb(TRE) which also connect between the GPS and the ECU. Wired inline as instructed by Bazzaz.

My question is where in line would the Heal-tech speedo healer need to be added? If it is directly connected to the GPS and then the Zfi will it alter the performance of the Zfi? Bazzaz says that the Zfi needs to read directly off the GPS but if the gearing is changed wouldn’t it then be calculating speed and mileage inaccurately? Does anyone have any experience with a combination of electronics like this or similar to this? I also have the Bazzaz AFM(air fuel mapper) which is basically a wide band O2 sensor and module and the quick shift which plugs directly into the Zfi unit to cut ignition when flat shifting. I don’t think these two will have anything to do with this issue. This pic shows basically what everything I have connects to on the bike and my understanding is that the speedo healer also works off the GPS.

Any info or ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

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Unless your L6 is different than my K6, the Speedo Healer connects between the speed sensor and the cluster. The ECM & GPS are not involved.

"accurately have correct display of actual speed and mileage on the bike’s speedo and odo"
There's only one sensor, a consequence of which is that you can correct the speed or the mileage but not both (at least until someone hacks the cluster). The speedometer will always be 7% high relative to the odometer. Correcting both might be possible with an aftermarket cluster but you probably wouldn't need the Speedo Healer then.
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