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Gixxer wont start in rain, anyone know why?

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It wasnt a heavy downpour but when I finally decided to leave in the light rain my bike wouldnt start. I turned the key switch to On and everything came to life but when I hit the start switch nothing happened. After pushing it once, nothing twice and... nothing, then third time was the charm and ... Vrooom it started. Decided to check and see if it would start again if I turned it off and as I thought, it wouldnt start. Not after pressing the start switch twice did it start again. So i rode to work with no problems and the bike sat drying in the garage for 3 hours. That's when for my 15 minute break I decided to go to the corner store on the bike. Key in, turn on and press Start and without hesitation the bike comes to life like nothing. Well tonight another downpour leaving work bike started fine because it was dry but after being soaked for 15 minutes in the rain I get to my garage. I decide to turn the bike off to see wether the bike would turn On and as predicted it didnt turn on till maybe the third press of the start switch. Sorry for the long story, but does anyone know what might be causing this??? First thing I gathered about this is that my bike does not like to start in the rain, but why damn it... WHY!!!!????:p
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suspect water getting into the starter switch, got the same problem on my bike gets touchy when its been raining. Good dose of WD40 (white oil in an aerosol) and problems go away. Try taking your starter switch apart and giving the contacts a good clean and dose of white oil and see how you go.
the bike is scared of the water, put it away and get in the car. LOL
LOL Thanks peeps, Im gonna try the white oil stuff (or as you so put it WD-40). And no I have no car, screw cages!
yep what he said... or just try to park it under something - throw a tower over the front end if you have to. if your in an apartment... good luck with that one.

if your at a house w/0 a garage, might want to start investing into a shed with a lock.
My bike doesnt mind water, she performs just fine. I took a 300 mile trip down to maryland in pouring weather.. Thankfully I had an hour to make up some time on the NJ turnpike, dry pavement for the win!!

I guess it really depends on the bike, they all have different personalities.
Is the starter hesitating or not spinning at all? Usually the starter buttons are pretty well sealed unless someone else took it apart and did not assemble it correctly. Try tightening the screws on the battery and the starter motor, see if that has any effect. It could also be a loose connector somewhere in your harness. Next time it starts to act up, before starting it, put it dealer mode. If you are reading a code momentarly and then it goes away then there is a problem somewhere.
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