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many possibilities, is this while you are at a dead stop or rolling?

if its rolling a maladjusted chain can make it difficult to shift or hit neutral

low oil,
bad oil
bad clutch plates
bad shift fork
bad shift barrel
worn synchro's
poor hydraulics
worn clutch rod
loose clutch case (my busa had that new out the door from dealer, rode about 8 miles and the bolts backed out to the point I couldn't shift or had no clutch)


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Thanks for replying. I got it solved. I bleed and changed the clutch fluid, then it had a bunch of caked up stuff around the shift lever. Cleaned then lubricated the shift lever. Now it goes into all gears very very smoothly. Now it’s like you barely put any pressure and it will just go right into all gears. But I really appreciate your help. Have a great day and please stay safe during these trying times.
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