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gel seat

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I just put on my gel seat on my 2003 600 gsxr i find it is hard to get use to i keep sliding into to the tank does it get better after it is worn in a bit
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good question...I was actually loking into a gel seat...other than the sliding, how do you like it so far??

thanks, Johny
I noticed that mine slid a little more than stock. But after 9,000 miles with the gel seat my butt is thanking me. I think the little bit of sliding is worth the confort. Although mine is a 1000 and the stock seat is by far worse than the 600/750 seat...
I still slide on mine....I've just gotten used to it. I like it a lot more than the stock one, even if I slide. One option is to get it recovered with the material you want(not as slippery). More money...but if it bothers you that much, it's an option.
I love my gel seat!!! Once I rode with it...... I would never ride again without one. COMFY!

Yeah same here .. at first the seat felt worse then the stocker ..but after a few times riding on it felt a whole lot better ..just takes some getting use to at first
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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