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Gel Seat

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Just wanted some feedback from guys on k6 750 or 600 with gel seats. When spring rolls around I will be doing trips to Michigan from here which is about 5 hour trip. I want to ride comfortably and money really isn't a concern for me right now so please chime in here if you got any suggestions. I've seen a couple of seats from 150 up to 200. Which one is the best one? Are they worth it for the money or is the difference not that noticeble? Thanks again

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Ok read all of that and I already knew that the Suzuki gel seat sucks. Anyone else? Haven't heard too many things about the Corbin seat so someone has to own one to tell me what they think of it.
Go with CORBIN brand Gel seats. Not sure what the website is, but just google CORBIN SEATs. I think its just but not sure. They go for like 300-350? for the the k6s. I dont have one of my own because of budget problems, but my boy has one and its def worth it.

Peep it out. Hope this helps.
If money isn't a concern, definately go with a corbin. But you get sore after only 5 hours?? I'm just used to doing 10+ hour bike rides, so 5 hours seems like a cinch to me.

But yah, can't beat the corbins. Never heard anything bad about 'em - but have heard TONS of positives.
I ordered a Suzuki gel seat about a month ago. Dealer told me this morning its on backorder and I should have it around Thanksgiving.

The Suzuki frame sliders also got recalled because one of the bolt lengths was wrong.

So....I'm just taking a WAG that hopefully, the old design was recalled because of so many complaints about the gel not covering the parts it should and maybe they've redesigned it to be more like the 1000 gel seat, and that's why its on back order. Just speculating and crossing my fingers.
I took both my seats to a custom seat maker. he shaped them and put gel in both for 300. he also color matched black/silver with the GSXR logo in the center. very happy with them and so is my girl when on back. if intersted google "sweetwarter seats"
I love my Suzuki gel seat...
Catatafish said:
The Suzuki frame sliders also got recalled because one of the bolt lengths was wrong.
I knew something was up when I was installing mine. I had to buy a longer bolt for right-side fairing because the original bolt was barely screwing on.
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