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Bike is K7 1000.
I was having starting problems, when hot. I had to add some throttle to get it to fire.
The idle was low around 1000 - 1050 on the tacho.
Thanks to search, it was possible that the this idle problem was caused by a fault in Interlock System.
Also It was difficult to click bike into neutral and get the neutral light first time, so it would be in neutral with no light.
I tested the,
Clutch Switch, B/W & B/Y. On / Off, Check OK
Side Stand Switch, Green & B/W. On, 0.553 mV, Off, OL. Check OK.
Relay, Side Stand, 12v On no insulation leak. Diode Test, A-B 0.585 mV, A-C 0.564 mV. Check OK.
Gear Position Switch, Pink & B/W. 1st 0.562 ko, 2nd 0.822 ko, 3rd 1.49 ko, 5th 6.83 ko, 6th 15.1 ko.
Blue & B/W ,Continuity On Neutral, Off, all other gears.
ATT. here there was a hesitation changing through neutral, an on - off, on the tester.

Gear Position Switch replaced with NEW, OEM and first test, Problem Solved. (y)
Starting with no throttle and Green Neutral light on every time.
So far so good.

Tip, tie string to Gear Position Switch connector and draw the string through to help with pulling new connector through.

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Tip, center punch (softly) ) mark on gear lever.

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The switch pn has been updated several times so Suzuki must have been aware of its deficiencies. There used to be threads here about disassembling them and cleaning with brake cleaner. But I haven't seen one in a while. If you have your old one and are getting ready to trash it, I'd appreciate your cutting it open to reveal the resistors inside. I've been trying for some time to determine exactly what the resistances are and a pic showing the color bands would be very helpful. Pics like this helped but weren't quite good enough.
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