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93 750 gixxer, broke my petcock trying to replace the seal in it. Tried really hard not to, took my 45 mins to break the white metal housing.
Took a petcock off a friends spare katana tank, issue is it only has 1 fuel outlet.
Installed on my tank, ran 1 line to a "t" and then to both inlets on the carbs. Ran like crap, bogged, leaked fuel, #'s 1 and 2 cold while 3 and 4 hot.
figured too much fuel so I ran 1 line from the valve to the inlet between 1 and 2. Blocked off the one between 3 and 4 and ran great after a few mins, revved fine. In the garage. Put panels back on, went for a test ride, made it 150 ft before it started running like crap and stalled out.
Anyone have this issue? Am I running the feed line to the wrong inlet? Should I unplug the inlet between 3 and 4?
I've read where replacement petcocks have only the 1 valve, any idea what I'm doing wrong here?
I've found a source that offers replacements, but with an adapter plate and only 1 outlet. don't want to put out the dough if im going to have the same issues, of solve what the problem is now.

Thanks in advance.
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