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Hello folks
I have a 1000 L4 and it has recently developed a problem. If I give the bike a big handful, it pulls strongly until around 10k RPM when it starts to stutter and bog down. Sometimes worse than others. Sometimes it seems to clear itself and picks up again.

If I just let the revs climb, ie not accelerating hard, it revs cleanly to the redline without any problems.

No FI light. Bike runs perfectly in all other situations.

I'm going to take a look tonight and I'm thinking it might be a kinked fuel hose or crap in the fuel system somewhere.

Is this a known problem? Anything else I should be looking at? All help and advice welcome! :smile:

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I had this on mine turned out to be rust in the tank must have had some moisture in petrol before I parked it up for the winter and it had got into the pump and when I accelerated hard it would restrict flow. Had to clean tank thoroughly and fit a new pump. Easy job to get pump out and check.

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I'm having similar problems. Where is the fuel filter ?

Is it easy to clean ? And do I have to clean strainer as well ?
That is a good question and is under some debate. On earlier generation bikes, the filter is inside the what is now the "cup" part no. 13.

On later models it is thought to be inside the "fuel regulator" no. 9 but honestly, no one is really sure as a clogged fuel filter usually happens on older bikes. You need to get a service manual that hopefully will say where the fuel filter is located. No, they are not serviceable, back flushing is a temporary fix but filter needs to be replaced IF clogged and a fuel flow test will show whether it is or is not.

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