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Fuel pump not priming 97 srad 600

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I have an 1997 srad 600 thats not priming. It has run with a water bottle "test tank" just fine. My sending unit (in this picture its hideous and has been sitting for years but its been cleaned up since) was priming awhile ago before but now I only feel it click. I replaced the fuel pump and strainer/grommet as well as the petcock (probably unrelated) but here is how I have it wired. The terminal to the left of the power wire seemed to have spun when I was tightening it which I may think is the culprit. If so is there any way I can repair it? Used sending units are pretty expensive and untested..... I made a jumper wire from the battery to the fuel pump trying to manually activate the fuel pump. I have tried kickstand up clutch and brake in killswitch on and relay is clicking.
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yup, I was able to set my TPS jumping that plug at the rear..

not really sure whats wrong with his bike at this point I thought it was hanging idle no? he lacks updates in what he's tried and whats happening runnign wise?

if Chris did the carbs I wouldn't touch them its something else, boots? some slight vacuum leak he just has to search it out, I already said ether he never got back on that?

hard to say... he'll get there just has to be patient and keep looking, inspecting and testing, took me about 8 years to get mine running 100% ..

just rode it yesterday, its not a powerhouse down low but it sure is fun to ride, mine is so smooth, a lot smoother than my Busa, but coming off a Busa its like c'mon go already! pretty sure I have mine neutered all the way maybe even under jetted, OK for me it runs so good I don't need it to be a speed demon, would like a tad more go in the low mid range tho, takes it a minute to spin up and I am used to passing right now on liter bikes and busas..

really need to get the FI 750 going.. man she's just sitting there, staring out the garage door when its open, I know it wants to see the world..

poor bike, like an unwanted orphan
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