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Fuel problems

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I picked up a 2013 gsxr600 from an auction. When you ride, the bike won’t rev over 7k at any point. While doing a pressure test I rode down the block. Idling the bike runs at 45psi like it should, Just cruising it drops to 30-35 psi and you can notice a huge power decrease…. when you give it the beans she drops to 20 psi and at that point it’s struggling to stay running. I installed a new quantum fuel pump and all the o-rings look fine but I had to reuse the old fuel pressure regulator. Keep in mind the old fuel pump was pretty dirty and the fuel filter was disintegrated. Now my question is what could cause the fuel pressure to drop like that while riding. Or if plugged injectors could also cause a drop in pressure.
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I’m in a similar boat and from the other posts I’ve recently found with similar issues, resolved. I think I’m going to say jt sounds like it’s the fuel pressure regulator that needs a really good cleaning or replacing. Basically what I’ve read is that if you’re fuel filter was bad the HP filter will probably be the same if not worse. I’m traveling for the next month come Tuesday but if I have time before I go I’m going to give mine a cleaning to find out. Hopefully I can give you an answer in a few days or about a month when I return lol but hopefully u will have jt solved sooner than later! Good luck!!
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