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Fuel Filter Bypass For Common Rev Issue

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Hello all.

I purchased a used GSX-R 750 about a month ago and instantly ran into the common issue of bogging/low performance at high RPMs.

I went through the usual checklist (fuel strainer, butterfly valves, fuel filter, fuel
injectors, etc).

I was able to drastically reduce the issue via the first step of the high pressure fuel filter bypass, which is drilling a hole into the filter housing for an alternative flow route.

It seems like it took care of the issue at a rate of about 80%. I am curious if the other 20% of performance left behind is because some fuel is still being sucked through the garbage filter. I am thinking about doing away with the bypass and just ordering a new fuel filter.

With the bypass hole, some fuel would still be left behind in the clogged filter, right?
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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