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Fuel Filter Bypass For Common Rev Issue

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Hello all.

I purchased a used GSX-R 750 about a month ago and instantly ran into the common issue of bogging/low performance at high RPMs.

I went through the usual checklist (fuel strainer, butterfly valves, fuel filter, fuel
injectors, etc).

I was able to drastically reduce the issue via the first step of the high pressure fuel filter bypass, which is drilling a hole into the filter housing for an alternative flow route.

It seems like it took care of the issue at a rate of about 80%. I am curious if the other 20% of performance left behind is because some fuel is still being sucked through the garbage filter. I am thinking about doing away with the bypass and just ordering a new fuel filter.

With the bypass hole, some fuel would still be left behind in the clogged filter, right?
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After doing the fuel bypass, I put an inline filter before the injectors as some shite can go through and clog injectors. after the bypass what came out of my filter looked like instant coffee. Then, depending on what filter you put in and map (if any) that affects the fuel flow and hence the running. I put it on a dyno and had the bike mapped accordingly.

That said, the pump may be on the way out, in which case you'll need a replacement assy anyway. I did not have any success with the cheap chinese pumps.

Results below before/after dyno. Bike's an 04 600
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