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I placed an order with FTM Enterprises for a 530 conversion kit as well as some chain lube and a chain press tool. I got the chain and sprockets within a reasonable time frame but the company failed to ship the chain press tool.

This was back in July. I have called the company three times requesting the tool, and was told all three times the tool was shipping immediately. I finally learn today they still have not shipped the chain tool.

Now, I'm a little pissed. The end of summer is here and I can't get back on the road becuase I took their word they were shipping the tool.
I am told it "Should arrive a week from today."
I asked if they could please ship it priority since I have been waiting 2 months. FTM tells me I have to pay the extra cost. Does this sound right to you?
I heard these guys had good customer service?
Not from this point of view...
Avoid this company. By far the WORST cusotmer service I have ever received.

They make MAW look like pros.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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