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Front sag

Hi all, newbie here,

So I’m having getting the correct front sag on my GSXR 750 k7. I have extended the fork ,measured, added rider and so forth. The best I can get is 1 1/2 inches on FULL preload and I want a little less. However after watching several YouTube videos I have come across some very different methods. Dave Moss takes the manufacturers measurement of full travel from the manual. (If you find the gsxr setting sag video with Dave you will see what I mean) rather than extending the fork and measuring. In my case the manufacturers spec for front fork travel is 4.7 inches, however if I measure fully extended from TOP of dust seal down to the casting comes in at 5 and 1/4 inches when I measure it that’s quite a difference !!

Which method do you recommend and why ?

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