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Front Brakes Viabrating

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I m starting to get a vabration sound form my front brakes somone told me it might be a rough spot on my rotors ... is it sandable or should I just replace em? it only viabrates on a ceratin spot on my rotor.

it viabrate only when IM about to stop in other words when im going slow and engaging the brakes... can anyone help?
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could be your rotor buttons are not floating-- clogged with dirt and/or rust. more likely your rotors are warped. how many miles on them?
20,000 I would say you need to replace them. But what you are describing also sounds like a glazed spot on your rotor, it generally skips over at speed and you may not feel it, but as you slow down to parking lot speed then you do.

You should check your rotors periodically (especially after hard riding days) for any shinny spots on the rotors. Once you see them take a 100-200 grit sand paper and sand the rotors. You can put the bike on rear and front stand, grip rotor with the sand paper on both sides and spin the wheel.
20000 is about all they are good for. especially if you ever let your pads get all the down. try cleaning and sanding first.
Prolites are good rotors, I was using them on my CBR 900 and had no complaints on the street. Good bite, even, lasted pretty good too.

Make sure you sand these then clean them with a towel before mounting them up. (dry towel or a air hose to blow off the grit)
hmm anyone happen to know the measement of what the thickness of the front rotors should be?
Look on your rotor, it should say MINTH ......
:hammer thanks....
I checked its well over 5MM and i wiggles the rottor around a bit all around all the pivot points if you can call it that I did a little test ride in the parkig lost so far the vabration sound and feel is gone...
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