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So it was time to tackle that sub 4K rpm stumble/bog that was making slow speed maneuvers a total bitch. I decided since I had to strip the plastics and tank to do any type of Carb work I decided to swap coolant and oil. I also detail cleaned all bits under the body and the inside of the plastics... I also detail cleaned the chain and sprockets.

After doing the new fluids I commenced to pull the needles out and lower their heights. Since the bike pulls like a freight train on WOT and idles perfectly I knew my low RPM and Low throttle issues were caused by rich condition due to needle height. I have Loads of experience with my Bandit on similar carbs and used that intuition to make that adjustment... Sure enough Problem solved and the bike's carburation is SMOOOTH...

After 4 hours of work the bike had new fluids, new filters and spot on carbs! Runs super smooth now. I did loose some of that instant snap however the power builds in now and the bike is much more predictable on the throttle... WOT the bike is still a maniac.

Clean and ready to roll!!!

Love this bike...
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