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Ok this year I will have to pull the beast out of hidding! It's been two years since I started my Gixxer (86 1100 jetted v&h system) the starter went bad so i rebuilt it and went to jump it with a car and heard a pop! took a look in the fuse box and the idiot that owned the bike before me had 20amp fuses all over the place. I was told to start at the starter modual. I never got a round to replacing it. I also broke the petcock when I was closing off the fuel tank for moving. So my question is if not the starter modual where would you look next. And what else do you suggest doing in getting her back on the road? also what would be a price for a petcock for this beast? here is my list tell me how you would add or change it.

1.plugs/ wires
2.oil/ oil filter
3.fuel filter
5. starter modual
6. petcock
7.brake fluid

here is my list to get her back up and running any other suggestions would be greatly apprecieated. I have never had a bike set for so long with/out running.

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1) Unless it has Dyna coils, you can't (easily) change the wires. Do the plugs.
2) Do. Do.
3) Do.
4) Do
5) Replace the fuses with the correct sizes, all of them. Can't remember if the starter relay has a fuse on that bike or not, I think not, but look. Try starting it before you start throwing parts at it. Let us know what happens.
6) Replace with a stock or a Pingel. Stock is more convenient because it shuts itself off.
7) Do.
8) Drain the gas out of the carbs and tank. You'll (more than) probably have to pull the carbs apart and clean them.
Good luck. Troy341
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