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A bit of information for anyone wanting to replace older USD forks with newer ones. I race a '92 750. I sent the front end to Max @ traxxion to have some off season work done. Turns out that they were pretty much trashed so he recommended replacement if possible.
I bought a complete 98 front end to try and get something worked out. After searching everything here and everywhere else I could find I started the transition tonight.
So far it looks really good. The '98 tubes outside dimensions are the same as the '92. They slipped right in the '92 triple clamps and wheel spacing seems to be correct. I know I am going to give up some of the torsion(sp) strengh by not using the newer model triple clamps, so I might look into finding an upper bearing that will allow me to use the newer stuff.
Anyway, I diddn't mean to ramble. Thanks to everyone for all the great information.
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