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Fork Sliders Installation Query

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i have recently purchased the fork sliders for an 2006 GSXR-600 from motovation usa.

1st, in regards to the two pucks, are they suppose to be different in shape, or are they suppose to be of the same shape?
2nd, from the perspective of when you are standing facing the motorcycle (not on the motorcycle), the left front wheel has a bolt that is attached to the axle, should that be removed in order to install the fork sliders, or is there another way of putting them on.

and how do you remove the pin that is on the rear axle????
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You should have got some instructions with them and if you didn't I can scan a copy of the ones that came with mine. It's a pretty stright forward install. I'm not sure if they are different from the 750 (which is what I have) but the two pucks should be different. Basically one puck (I think it is the left one as you are facing the front of the bike) should have more material hollowed out. You attach this with the provided bolt to the threaded rod supplied with the sliders. Then just slide it through and attach the other puck. It will be pretty obvious if you have the wrong puck on the wrong side. Hope this helps.
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