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I agree about getting a busa as a first bike is silly stupid, but Im a stong believer in the freedom of choice and the fact that we live in the good ol' USofA for a reason(well, aside from the Canadian people). I like the ability to be able to think for my self and get what I want when I want to. If people want to go out and kill them selves on an R1 for their first bike, I think that's their choice and "Big Brother" should have no say either way. Darwins law is alive, well and working strong. This country has turned into a bunch of whinning sissies that constantly worrie about other people. Smoking kills, No gun, bla bla bla...Just let me live my life my way PLEASE! and if I do kill myself doing somthing stupid, then that's my own damn fault.

/rantmode -off
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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