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flatslides or not??

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just wondering if you guys could tell me the benefits, and downsides to the flatslide carbs?????????? how much hp increase to expect?????are they worth installing or is there a better setup???
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The difference from shit to Holy shit! just the sound is different from Mikunis 41's seem to be over kill unless you have a "worked" motor. I love my 39's.I have a 1117 motor worked on by Schnitz Racing or so I was told all that stuffed into a 600 frame makes things very interesting. Downsides, ther'e gas hogs and you'll have to run a Pingel Petcock, and there's no choke so you'll have to come up with a method starting her up on cold mornings.
what kind of carbon seat you have? Who made them?
i am an upholsterer...i made them! i can get carbon fiber material, and uphloster them...interested??
can you post some close up pics? im very intirested!
if you are new to riding I would say stay away from the flatslides.........
Would not be hard to seat on a Carbon fiber seat? i was Curious i already have an Airtech seat for my monotail
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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