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Flashing 2017-2021 GSX-R 1000 / 1000 R or adding an external box like Rapid bike , bazzaz ... ECU interoperabilty between 2017-2021 1000 R & 1000 ?

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I wonder what's best , if it is Flashing the stock 2017-2021 GSX-R 1000 / 1000 R ECU or adding an external box like Rapid bike , bazzaz ...

Also , is there an interoperabilty between the ECU/ CDI of a 2017 -2021 1000 R & 1000 regular model or are they differeht and the ECU / CDI of a 1000 cannot be used in a 1000 R and vice versa ?

Cause if i don't buy an external box like some of the ones above i was wondering if i could buy a second hand ECU /CDI from a 2017-2021 GSX-R 1000 ( or 1000 R if i can find one ) and send it to be flashed accordingly , after replacing / upgrading the stock exhaust system with a full Racing exhaust system', yosh R11SQ or Akrapovic ) , as well as a few other things ) and install it instead of the stock one in a 1000 R if they are compatible in both and working the same in both a 1000 or a 1000 R .
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From what i have been told by a guy who works for the company Woolich Racing ( if the guy understood my question correctly , or should i say, if i was clear enough for he understood me ) it seems the two CDI's are the same type and can be used on any of these two bikes when they are flashed .
If i understood it correctly , It seems the CDI already contains the informations which are activated or not depending on the bike version .
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