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Here within this forum, we have something that no one in the world has..... a person (Eric) who has a race team at the IOM TT... and is sending reports with pictures in near real time (each night)!!!!
All the time he is showing logos all over the place, On the bike, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc........ even for wheelie shots under the belly pan.

I am really depressed that we could not have raised a bit more cash for Eric so Dave could ride on a total paint scheme, this would have been very cool.

So if we figure that this year is shot (I do not know exactly how much cash be donated, it's got to be under $1500 USD), we should start collecting cash now for Eric's team for the 2004 IOM TT,

At the same time I thing we should contribute cash into a fund... for air tickets for a person (raffle it off if you wish) to get to go over to the TT and spend time in the pits with Eric.

We are talking about the cost of a beer or two, each month (must be 1000 people that would give $10/month around here).......Don't tell me that people around here can't afford that...

This race is big, the exposure that got from it is huge.......... we need t step up a bit and provide Eric with some real support for 2004.

We all get something from the site in one way or another, I think it's time to start giving back to the motorcycle community, what better way than to support Eric.
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Thanks for the plug jeff and thanks again for all your help and support for this years races.

We have the 600 production race and the senior race on the 750 tomorrow, but we have already been talking about what we want to do for next year. One of our sponsors, keith from Pegasus Externals ltd was over with us for the last couple of days and he has been extremely impressed with the team and Daves results. Remember, we are a privateer team, this has been done in our spare time and we all have real jobs to do. Keith did mention the possibility of him buying a gsxr 1000 for next years production race for us, but he was quite drunk last night when he was talking about it!

We know we can improve for next year, firstly get the F1 bike on song, the engine is a missile, just need a straight chassis and swingarm, we are convinced one or both of them is/are not straight which has caused all the handling problems.

We would be more than happy to run the whole team as the team for next year, and as long as enough money is raised, we can rent a bigger house and put someone up for either race week, or the 2 weeks including practice. We can also arrange for the person to be a member of the 3 man pit crew for at least one of the races. Presuming they have a bike license, we will arrange for them to borrow a bike to go round on mad sunday, and during the rest of the races, they will be escorted around the track on the various race days. they will really be part of the team.

So we will be happy to run with your idea as detailed above. we can aslo arrange for the world wide sale through this site of the TT racing T shirts and polo shirts for next years races. How cool would that be? with all profits going to support the team.

If anyone has any other ideas to raise some cash, let us know.

lets really go for it next year..... in the 2004 TT races

thanks for all the help from everyone for this years races. Especially steve at overthe for the rearsets, screen brace, clipons and subframe etc, the good people at cycle brakes and galfer for supplying the awesome pads and brake lines for stopping the bikes from over 170 mph, and the members of that donated money to help fund the project.

We have had a lot of people ask us what is all about, so we should have a load of new members very soon !


ps I have really enjoyed taking the pics and acting as team reporter for you guys, although it has taken up a fair bit of time. Just wait til i am able to scan the pics i have of Dave out racing on the circuit !

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I am amazed at the lack of response to this post by Jeff

In reality we could run next year in full colours if 250 people donated $10 per month for 10 months, or $100 each in total donations.

that would raise $25,000 which would be enough to run the whole team and get one of the members over for race week, fully paid.

You would have a 1 in 250 chance of winning the trip, assuming you only bought one ticket ! nothing to stop you buying more.

Every entrant would be guaranteed a race team shirt as well

what do people think? We could run it as a raffle for a few months if required, so the winner would know with plenty of advance warning that they have won the trip. (or we could sell tickets at $50 each and try and sell 500 !)

We are already in the process of looking towards next years races, so if you guys want to be a part of it, let us know
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Thanks Ferg

hold onto your cash for the moment, until we decide which way to go.

i do like the idea though of a big raffle at say $50 or $100 a ticket with the winner getting a trip to be with the team for race week.

To get round some of the lottery/gambling rules around the world, we could sell a team shirt for the $50/$100 and then all team shirt owners go into the draw for the trip. then technically the entry is free, but to qualify you must be a at the TT '04 team shirt owner !

What do people think?

Thanksfor your support

what do you think about the raffle idea, or Jeff's monthly contribution idea?

Let us know what you guys think......

Thanks for all the responses so far, i too think Mr Gixxer was being sarcastic at his $100 per member for being on the site, but the site doesnt run itself, it takes time money and effort.

So does a racing team, hence we need your donations to run next year. Even the big factory teams require sponsorship, they have massive budgets and are very successfull, so they can go to the big companies with their cap in hand and offer them ful ltelevision coverage as they are all front runners. We are a small privateer team, running on a fraction of the cost of the big teams......we know we are not front runners, but that is reflected in our budget.

Earlier in the year, i was speaking to Bruce Anstey's mechanic and friend who told me that Bruce, a TT winner last year and this year, did not have his rides fully sorted for the 03 TT races, and he could get him to ride for us if we wanted. This would give us a top rider on our bike...but our budget just doubled / trebled. Bruce as a top rider, wants all his expenses paid, and whatever he wants on the bikes sorting asap. He does not overly worry about spending his sponsors money, if you want him to be a front runner/winner, he needs the right equipement. Our/my budget would not run to funding him, plus i didn't want to upset our rider Dave, who was always going to be our rider, and i would of had to sack dave to get bruce.

From what i understand about the site and its memebers, people love this place, they love to know that they are part of the worldwide GSXR members club. I love it too. a real feeling of belonging. Which is why i was more than happy to run the logos on the bikes and the shirts for this years races.

I want to do the same again next year, but i cannot do it without your help and money. Our privateer team cost £10,000 for this years TT races, thats money for ferries, tyres, fuel, oil, transport, entry fees, spares, accomodation , bodywork etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc the list goes on and on, thats money on top of supplying and sorting the 3 bikes

there are over 20,000 members, so if everyone donated $1 USD, we would have more than enough money. in reality, not everyone would donate hence my requesting ideas for raising the money. If you guys dont want to donate or be part of the team, then thats fine with me, i've got 11 months to go and find another sponsor. We need sponsors to help pay for us to go to the TT. I would rather it was funded by the family than anyone else

The video idea is a good one, but will probably be a non runner. Duke Video own all the rights to the TT coverage, and to put a camera on the bike, you have to ask the race committee's permission and also from Duke video. I cannot see either of them agreeing to let us do our own thing as Duke video make their money from selling the videos and DVD's of the races

I am trying to find ways that you guys can be part of the team, a real sense of belonging to the team, knowing you helped get us there, so when you read our reports and see us briefly on the television, you can feel good about yourself and feel part of it knowing you helped make it happen

please keep your ideas and responses either good or bad comming


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i think that once we have decided how to proceed, raffle/ donations etc, mr Gixxer will post it on the site news for all to see

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i agree with racy girl, by the way, a good pic of you on the bike !

We will need the funds together ideally by the end of this year, so we can properly plan for next year, including designing the team colours, shirts etc as we want all the various sponsors on the shirts as well, just like a factory team, steve at overthe and the good people at cycle brakes and galfer have already indicated their intention to help us again next year, so thanks to them
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forgot to check the above post, should have been , missed the t !
thanks for your input witold, will consider your thoughts.

as well as our own forum, there were "sticky" posts in the 1000 forum and the general forum, plus our details were on the scrolling banner at the top of the page, plus on the site news page. If people cannot find us after all that there is little extra we can do.......

once Mr Gixxer has sorted out all the coputer probs, we will be making decisions as to how we proceed.

the winner of the team shirt raffle, from all those that donated to the 2003 team was Michele Higginbotham, so look out for the post michele, your shirt is on its way. Sorry i dont know your id, just printed off the paypal receipts and others from the site and drew your name out of the hat.

Well done
movie already done by duke marketing, they have all the rights, plus you need their permission and the clerk of the course to run any on board camers. so the movie idea would not work.

thanks for the idea though
okay people, now is the time for you to put your hands in your pockets to support the team for the 04 TT races. is running a pocket bike raffle, we need to sell 1000 tickets at $10 each. there is a pocket bike up for grabs, along with a translogic quickshifter and team shirts. here is the link

Money raised goes towards the 04 TT team, so please buy as many tickets as you can


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we are looking to sell all the 1000 tickets, however, should we not sell all of them then the draw will still take place at some point in the future once the costs have been covered for the pocketbike and some money raised for the race team. There is no timescale for the raffle, so we can let it run for a while.

Its such a shame that there are so many memebrs of the site, yet so few people are prepared to put their hand in their pockets to buy a raffle ticket to support us at the TT. If 1 in 25 members bought just one ticket, we would have already sold out. Unfortunatly everyone always seems to expect other people to contribute, rather than stand up themselves and be counted. So come on people, get behind the team and buy a ticket or two...

its already on the home page and in the site news.... where else should it go?

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