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Here within this forum, we have something that no one in the world has..... a person (Eric) who has a race team at the IOM TT... and is sending reports with pictures in near real time (each night)!!!!
All the time he is showing logos all over the place, On the bike, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc........ even for wheelie shots under the belly pan.

I am really depressed that we could not have raised a bit more cash for Eric so Dave could ride on a total paint scheme, this would have been very cool.

So if we figure that this year is shot (I do not know exactly how much cash be donated, it's got to be under $1500 USD), we should start collecting cash now for Eric's team for the 2004 IOM TT,

At the same time I thing we should contribute cash into a fund... for air tickets for a person (raffle it off if you wish) to get to go over to the TT and spend time in the pits with Eric.

We are talking about the cost of a beer or two, each month (must be 1000 people that would give $10/month around here).......Don't tell me that people around here can't afford that...

This race is big, the exposure that got from it is huge.......... we need t step up a bit and provide Eric with some real support for 2004.

We all get something from the site in one way or another, I think it's time to start giving back to the motorcycle community, what better way than to support Eric.
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Mr Gix , Eric , & all the racers & members ..

I'm definately down for the donation to the team for next year , and i`m sorry about not donating this year ..
But .....

I dont think forcing people to pay $100 per year for membership is the total right answer ..
I personally think you`d kill the site on yourself ..
Maybe thats just my opinion though ...

I do love this site though , and I am a contributing member ..
I think you need to leave it as a "want to" thing though I think as far as donating and membership ..

Anyhow ..
Like I said ..
I`m all for GIXXER.COM , and you can count me in for a donation when you figure out which way youre going to go with it ..

I think you should have different stages of incentive packages ..
bronze donation - a $10 donation will get you a sticker ...
silver donation - a $50 or above donation wil guarantee you a team shirt & a sticker ..
gold donation - a $100 or above donation will guarantee a team shirt , sticker ,
and VCD of the team at the races ...
Platinum doanation - anything over $10 per month for the entire year will entitle you to
sticker , vcd , team shirt , and a platinum surrounded red r ..

or something like that ..
Thank you , thank you ....
I know i`m good ..

Use my scheme and I want a discount ... j/k

The T-Shirt Idea is good ..
If you remember I suggested that one to Eric I believe for this years donation.
Glad to see its going to be used for next year .. I want one ..

I would also love to get video footage of our team at the races ..
Thats a great suggestion .. Probably way way easy to accomplish also .

Maybe you can work out some cost effective incentives and people will start to dip into their pockets to help ..

the video VCDs with the giixer team footage from the race which would be cheap enough to give to donating members ..
So would stickers & shirts ..

And of course the platinum surrounded red Rs ...
Thats gravy ...

Hope you like the ideas ..
Hope I in some way help here ..
Let me know when the donating begins ..

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1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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