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Here within this forum, we have something that no one in the world has..... a person (Eric) who has a race team at the IOM TT... and is sending reports with pictures in near real time (each night)!!!!
All the time he is showing logos all over the place, On the bike, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc........ even for wheelie shots under the belly pan.

I am really depressed that we could not have raised a bit more cash for Eric so Dave could ride on a total paint scheme, this would have been very cool.

So if we figure that this year is shot (I do not know exactly how much cash be donated, it's got to be under $1500 USD), we should start collecting cash now for Eric's team for the 2004 IOM TT,

At the same time I thing we should contribute cash into a fund... for air tickets for a person (raffle it off if you wish) to get to go over to the TT and spend time in the pits with Eric.

We are talking about the cost of a beer or two, each month (must be 1000 people that would give $10/month around here).......Don't tell me that people around here can't afford that...

This race is big, the exposure that got from it is huge.......... we need t step up a bit and provide Eric with some real support for 2004.

We all get something from the site in one way or another, I think it's time to start giving back to the motorcycle community, what better way than to support Eric.
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Lui Kang said:

I have the utmost respect for The Viking and his team -- I really do. But you can't sit here and act all shocked that members didn't raise more money for them. alone should've given him the money for a full paint scheme, and not it's members.

*** the following paragraph is a compelation of some of the replies I've had from fellow members regarding donations -- don't hate me

Not to be a prick, but, what's in it for me? I give up cash and what do I get in return? I already have to pay money to be permitted to post items I'm trying to sell. This site also makes money off of sponsors. I would give Eric and his team cash, but for what? To promote a site that already makes money off me... to raise the amount of money makes from advertising or to help promote a site that I don't own or have any real business interest in?

Again, not being a prick, just being the devil's advocate here. This is basically what I've heard from members I've asked about donating to this cause. I'm a huge fan of the TT, but I also share some of the views mentioned above.

Either way, I have already planned to attend next years race, and I wish you guys the best of luck preparing for the next TT -- I'll be there rooting for you and I will also donate to the cause next year just cause of the way you handled it this year. did donate to the TT efforts, but it also costs money to run this site.

Maybe if we charged a $100 a year for you to be a member we could fully finance the race team.

And many of the site sponsors (probably half of them paid no cash money at all) donate prizes that we in turn give away to you guys, so don't go thinking we get rich from banner ads!

Donating to the TT efforts is a feel good thing for the members to do, much like donating to a church or other cause - what is in it for you is to know that your small contribution helped in some way.
once we get all the server bugs ironed out then we can figure out how best to get this rolling along
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